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Leading Edge Grease Management Technology for More Efficient Kitchens

Grease Guardian is the IDEAL solution to your plumbing problems. Solved! This sustainable FOG management technology works in all applications to keep grease out of your pipes, recovering it for recycling in your community for clean, renewable fuels.

Grease Guardian can be used in design/build and has been specified for countless projects with MEP firms, worldwide, to meet the challenges of grease management. It offers maximum grease removal with highest efficiency with the customizable skimming program.

These fully automated and programmable grease removal systems provide primary protection for your restaurant's pipes, keeping them free of grease, and preventing expensive drain blockages.

The GGX Series can be placed in the kitchen in all applications from small sinks to full kitchen solutions, and are simple to install in compact situations.

They provide maximum grease removal with a small overall footprint.

No need for a garbage disposal; the Grease Guardian filters out food particles for solid organic waste diversion to renewable fuels. One should always wipe and scrape food waste to the recycling bin, but you can rest easy knowing the GGX Series will help prevent these odor-causing debris from entering your drainage pipes. It also meets HACCP standards for food safety, and avoids cross-contamination risk (fully-sealed, odorless system).

Grease Guardian offers fully automatic grease removal units for smart buildings, and its Centralized Systems can be installed in mechanical rooms for out-of-sight, reliable and EFFICIENT grease management with Automatic Solids Transfer Systems (AST). The GGX-AST type system is designed to be self-sufficient, without the need to be tended daily, weekly, or even monthly! System performance is maintained with the program to maximize efficiency and reliability.

Architects and mechanical engineers can solve the challenge of space constraints in mixed-use buildings and retrofits of older buildings. The Grease Guardian AST systems alleviate this issue head-on with an almost unlimited grease removal capacity in a very small footprint.

Grease Guardian can also provide the most efficient, cost effective way to assist an existing, problematic grease interceptor located outdoors. The Grease Guardian is placed upstream of the existing interceptor, within the kitchen or in a nearby location, taking the load off of the interceptor. This allows you to save money in effectively managing your fats, oils and grease (FOG) by avoiding violations, surcharges, additional inspections, and the high costs of replacement. Installing Grease Guardian upgrades your grease management, and is a great alternative to passive (you scoop) traps under sinks, and outdoor grease interceptor tanks. It saves you money by greatly reducing or even ELIMINATING your existing interceptor pump out costs. You also protect your internal plumbing, which saves you additional financial risk, and reduces your need for expensive hydro jetting of drainage lines. The return on your small investment in a Grease Guardian system will be very quick!

Let's upgrade your grease handling equipment today! Start saving money now. We're happy to help!

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