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Certification & Approvals

ASME certified by NSF


Meets standards ASME A112.14.3 and ASME A112.14.4 for USA and CSA B481.1 for Canada

IAPMO UPC Certification

Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) Certification for the protection of public health, safety and welfare

PDI certified 

Grease Guardian X has been PDI certified.

MET certification

Meets standards established for product safety standards

The Grease Guardian is an allowed alternative wastewater pretreatment device in various cities and counties. We're in many world-renowned institutions! Check out our worldwide installations page for a representative sample of our pleased customers.


Grease Guardian is the premier, top notch, Automatic Grease Removal Device (AGRD) in the industry. Ask plumbers. Ask those who have switched from using other manufacturer's traps and devices. There are similar products on the market; none compare to the quality of craftsmanship and automated grease removal of the Grease Guardian.


Also, Grease Guardian does NOT require the heater to be on 24/7, as similar products do, reducing your energy consumption. We're environmentally-friendly in more ways than one, and help you to be a more sustainable member of your community.


The Grease Guardian is a beautiful machine that takes the worries out of your grease management! The sealed lid keeps the unit hygienic; NO need to open the unit to dispose of solids or grease -- health department officials are elated! Our solids strainer is also a DRY strainer, which is kept above the water line, and is removed from the FRONT of the machine. No opening of the Grease Guardian to obtain the solids! This allows us to achieve HACCP certification for food safety; the lid is airtight and kept shut. Health officials are elated!


Chefs worldwide love our products! Restaurants rest assured with Grease Guardian.


Available in sizes to suit any need, from rotisserie/combi oven, to including floor drains. We've got your needs covered!

The Grease Trapper provides value-added services and attentive support, and puts your mind at ease that you'll be compliant with regulatory rules and municipal ordinances requiring you to properly manage your fats, oils and grease (FOG) and protect your sewer waste line. We've got 20+ years in environmental compliance and protection, and are here to help!  How can we help you?

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