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Grease Guardian World

Grease Guardian World is an interactive online asset management program for tracking and storing operations & maintenance information. This online program is available to all restaurants, food service establishments, and service partners with varying levels of access.

Grease Guardian World allows us to:

  • Upload and manage individual installation sites

  • Monitor specification, service history, supplier details for each Grease Guardian installed

  • Upload and view installation photographs

  • Upload and view Operation & Maintenance manuals

  • Upload and view service engineer and inspection reports

  • Locate sites using Google Maps linking

  • Automatically reminds customers and end users when service is due and warranties expire.

  • Access and manage accounts online

  • Manage recycled FOG

Grease Guardian FAQs

Are there moving parts? The Grease Guardian has few moving parts (a stainless steel skimming wheel, motor and gears), which operate for only 30 to 60 mins a day or two a week to warm the grease, and have a very long life expectancy. It is guaranteed to do what it is programmed to do.

Do I need to connect my dishwasher? No, the general policy is not to connect dishwashers, as the effects of emulsification by detergents can cause oil and grease to pass through any grease trap in suspension. The Grease Guardian can be connected to a pre-rinse sink; heavier solids should be scraped into a bin prior to rinsing. Good housekeeping practices are required to maximize efficiency and avoid regulatory compliance issues.

How does the Grease Guardian work? Grease traps work by separating fats, oil and grease (FOG) from wastewater in food outlets and large commercial kitchens. This allows clean water to enter the sewage system. Unlike manual traps which must be skimmed of grease frequently, sometimes daily, and emptied completely at least once a month, depending on the level of grease produced in the kitchen. A nasty and smelly task!


The Grease Guardian GGX-Range is specially designed to automatically remove grease on a daily basis, without opening the unit, and without the nasty smell pervading your kitchen. Specially designed to require little maintenance, yet operate to the highest efficiency.  View the video to see it in action!

How long has Grease Guardian been around? The Grease Guardian has been supplied for 25+ years to the top hotel, restaurant, supermarket and fast food chains worldwide, and has been sold in over 40 countries.

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