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Easy Installation
Simple Design; Hygienic

The Grease Guardian® is easy to install, takes up little space, is designed to be installed into a kitchen and costs very little to run. We also have larger industrial centralized units.


No digging is required for installation. This grease management equipment will save you money and prevent business interruption.

The unit meets IAPMO requirements and allows less than 25mg/l of grease in the effluent. The grease from a Grease Guardian® can be recycled and used as biofuels like renewable diesel and sustainable airline fuel/jet fuel for cleaner communities.

Fully Automatic; Energy Efficient Operation

Fully automatic system for removing grease.


Each year, fats, oils and grease (FOG) enters facility and city sewer collection systems. Grease Guardian captures FOG to prevent this from happening.

The unit comes with many innovative features that ensure the most efficient operation of any grease trap on the market. Proven capability, right at the source.

Energy efficient heating element conserves energy and reduces yearly costs by only heating the grease for 2 hours per day. In economy mode, the heater can be turned off.

The Grease Guardian® does not require or need enzymes or bacteria. There is no reason as there are no odors. Period.

Grease Guardian
Grease Guardian
Grease Guardian

We proudly offer Grease Guardian technology and products to capture energy-rich fats, oils and grease in restaurants and catering kitchens! Providing solutions for stronger economies and clean cities. Together, we're unlocking emerging renewable fuels!

The all stainless steel Grease Guardian® is designed to remove grease daily,

giving bacteria no time to form.


NO ODORS. It has a fully sealed, airtight lid.

The unit is HACCP system compliant. An important step in staying compliant to pass a restaurant health inspection is utilizing the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points, or HACCP, system. Risk of food contamination is greatly reduced with Grease Guardian due to its gas-tight lid which never needs to be opened to access the food solids or the grease, eliminating food prep worries.


Solids are collected in a cylinder-shaped strainer basket that is removed from the front of the equipment, WITHOUT OPENING THE UNIT, and deposited easily along with other recyclable food waste to meet city diversion requirements. Space-saving and meeting food safety with ease.


All units comply with the health, safety and electrical requirements of ASME,

Varying Sizes

The Grease Guardian® is available in sizes to fit the specific needs of the kitchen being treated, from 7gpm units to cover rotisseries, up to 250gpm units. Larger automatic centralized units are available for capturing all kitchen sources including floor drains. Units can operate in tandem to manage any amount of FOG!!

Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Trap

Units can be programmed for energy efficient operation, and be upgraded easily if the kitchen is extended. Grease Guardians are top-of-the-line stainless steel kitchen equipment, that just happens to also act as a plumbing fixture. This equipment can be moved if your restaurant moves!

Units come with an audible maintenance reminder to ensure basket and collection container are emptied.

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