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Only "cleaned" water goes down the drain

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The advantages of using Grease Guardian X models are many, and commercial kitchens worldwide agree! No other grease removal device (trap or interceptor) offers automatic grease removal, and comes with a programmable heating element to conserve energy and easily set up the days when you need more grease removal.

Only cleaned water goes down the drain.

The X series automatic grease removal device (AGRD) is a totally engineered system for separating free floating grease and oils from kitchen wastewater drain flows. Grease is trapped within the stainless steel tank, and is automatically removed from the system and placed into a removable bucket (or larger container, such as a barrel) for easy recycling and diversion needs. Only the "cleaned" water is allowed to pass through the system into the drain lines (private and public).

Reduce odors and clogs.

The Grease Guardian filters out solid food waste, keeping it out of your pipes, considerably reducing odors and the potential for clogs to occur. Food waste particles are securely captured in a removable canister, allowing the interior of the Grease Guardian to remain sludge-free.

Save $$!! Reduce and eliminate pumping issues .

No pumping is required, which saves commercial kitchens considerable amounts of money. The Grease Guardian pays for itself!

Because the grease is not allowed to enter your private sewer lateral, you will save in reduced plumbing costs to clear lines and emergency clogs. Recommended hydro jetting service (customarily done every 6-12 months with conventional type grease traps/interceptors) may be done less frequently, saving additional hundreds of dollars. And reducing regulatory noncompliance issues associated with pumping requirements. There are none!

Use of the Grease Guardian ensures that costly wastewater/sewer surcharges and fines are minimized or eliminated through efficient separation and removal of the fat, oil and grease (FOG). In addition, rapidly escalating pumping and disposal costs associated with conventional types of grease traps and interceptors are also reduced or eliminated, saving hundreds of dollars with each reduction. The cost of pumping and disposal can range from $175 - $350, or even as much as $650 per visit!

Odor-free! Kitchen-friendly. Hygienic -- HACCP

Hassle-free maintenance is also odor-free, and staff-friendly. The sealed lid allows this AGRD to be very hygienic, and several of our X models achieve HACCP standards for food safety control points.

The Grease Guardian can be used in a wide variety of applications from restaurants and other commercial kitchens, and from food processing operations to many types of industrial operations.

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