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Grease Removal Devices explained

Grease Guardian is a grease control device

Grease Guardian Grease Removal Devices are automatic, odor-free, and low maintenance. Did we say ODOR-free? They contain a strainer basket which removes food solids and skimming wheel which slicks the floating grease into an exterior container for recycling. The food strainer basket of the Grease Guardian is removed from the front of the unit, WITHOUT needing to open the lid, which is very hygienic in kitchen operations*. Health Department officials are elated! The grease is siphoned into a clear cassette container on the outside of the machine which is easily removed for emptying into the recycled oil bin, allowing it to then be converted into biodiesel or other products. Helping your restaurant to contribute to the sustainability of your community! And providing you reassurance that you are doing everything you can to protect our environment for future generations.

The lid of the Grease Guardian is sealed, keeping any odors in, while operating seamlessly within your kitchen to keep you in compliance. The Grease Guardian actually combats odors normally associated with kitchen grease, as the grease is removed from the unit before it goes rancid. There is no opportunity for odors to build up!

Restaurant owners and managers -- and kitchen staff! -- are overjoyed! The Grease Guardian operates in a manner to keep kitchens humming, without the embarrassing or offensive odors associated with the a hydromechanical grease interceptor, commonly known as a grease trap. Those nasty boxes which sit underneath a sink or in the floor, out of sight, out of mind. Until they overflow, smell bad, or the inspector arrives!

Grease Guardian offers a simple solution to the problems of odors, and reduces or eliminates pumping requirements -- and the COSTS -- associated with in-ground interceptors and hydromechanical grease traps. Because the grease is removed automatically, it is very easy to maintain the Grease Guardian. Saving you a tremendous amount of money! If you didn't know, pumping out grease from these other units can run between $175 - $300 PER VISIT!! If you are required to pump it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, that adds up to a huge cost on your behalf. We can help!

You can SAVE hundreds of dollars each year, and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a Grease Guardian! Keep your costs down. Maintain regulatory compliance. And protect the environment. Let's work this sustainability effort together!

* The photo shows the lid removed for reference to parts.

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