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Grease Trap meets LEED/Living Building Challenge

When you think of a grease trap, you probably don't think of it much, except that it's a nasty smelly box under the sink that you don't want to open, much less clean out, or it's under those non-descriptive manhole covers that you walk by outside in the parking lot. Sometimes you may wonder where that awful odor is coming from. Phew!!!

Grease Guardian is changing the wastewater pre-treatment game in cities worldwide in a number of ways. It offers the ONLY technology that meets LEED and the ILFI Living Building Challenge with efficiency, AND it provides a source of clean, renewable energy for cities. Grease Guardian provides definitive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) technology in commercial and industrial kitchens. It is the most efficient technology for removing the fats, oils and grease from kitchen wastewater coming from commercial and industrial kitchens, AND it is the only grease trap that meets HACCP to prevent food contamination.

We're known for solving plumbing problems, before they start!

Available for virtually all building project types, LEED provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. As a provider of LEED-certified kitchen equipment, Grease Guardian helps improve energy efficiency in commercial and industrial kitchens. We also prevent business closures due to greasy clogs, which saves restaurants and neighboring businesses downtime and unpleasantness. We're so pleased that Grease Guardian meets and exceeds LEED standards with our stainless steel kitchen equipment that removes food solids and grease from kitchen wastewater, allowing the cleaned water to go to the sewer waste lines, unimpeded.

We're removing and recycling food solids and fats, oils and grease (FOG) right at their source, and keep them out of your pipes. Grease Guardian technology is proven to remove organic waste, and provide this as a feedstock for renewable energy for clean cities. Like Thames Water is doing across the pond in the U.K., only we're doing it on the front end, saving enormous amounts of time and energy for our water and sewerage utility companies. And, money! Lots and lots of money, when you consider a utility the size of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spends $3 MILLION a year on FOG-related sewer operations and maintenance activities alone!! Where DO they get this money?

We save you $$$, and you save your wastewater agency and you, as a ratepayer, a great deal of time and expense by avoiding greasy wastewater discharges that can clog pipes and cause sewer backups. We can help you avoid your plumber. We also help you avoid costly grease trap pumping charges. Grease Guardian automatically removes the grease, separating it out for recycling, avoiding the smelly grease pump truck and hoses. Cost-effective. Efficient.

US Green Building Council (USGBC) and International Living Future Institute (ILFI) approved. Meets HACCP (Hazard Awareness Critical Control Points) certification of food safe equipment because we agree that "Food safety must be the number one quality objective...the essential ingredient" -- Dr. Michelle Warton, HACCP International

No other grease trap compares. Because we've gone beyond trapping grease.

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