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Saving Money - The business impact of FOG

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Here is a great article from the Restaurant Facility Management Association, August/September 2011 issue of their Facilitator Magazine. Written by Susan Daywitt, SLM, it is one of the go-to articles we share with our friends in the food service industry. Let us know if you find it as helpful as we do!


Why Grease is a Problem. Large volumes solidify and clog pipes. Period. Check stories online about "fatbergs". Wastewater must go somewhere. Back up into your restaurant (good grief!!), or, out into the streets where it can become a water quality nightmare, in which you will play a starring role. And pay for damages. One restaurant in Southern California paid a total of $13,000 when the cleanup was completed, and associated damages were tallied. There are many stories like this. Cities and wastewater agencies are cracking down on noncompliance. Yours.

The Changing Face of Managing Grease. Failure to handle and manage grease properly through the use of a grease trap or grease interceptor is of utmost importance in protecting your bottom line. Maintaining the device properly keeps grease from building up and causing corrosion to pipes (yours, city's, and/or the wastewater agency's treatment system). It also reduces the potential for it to cause a backup, either into your kitchen, or out in the environment.

Ask us how an automatic Grease Guardian can help you to save money and enable other equipment to function better. We're here to help!

Obstacles to Effective Management. If you're in the Southern CA area, the challenges of managing grease effectively can be more easily met. The Grease Guardian is accepted as a highly suitable grease removal device (GRD), and as it is automatic in all of its functions, it lessens the time-consuming staff maintenance that a passive trap entails. The over-bearing, knock-you-off-your-feet odors that come with a passive trap -- GONE!! The Grease Guardian is very hygienic, and as the grease is automatically recovered and sent to the exterior canister for recycling, the odors to not build up. No rancid grease.

Ask us how Grease Guardian can help you keep meticulous records of maintenance, online, which allow regulatory authorities to see how great you are managing your grease.

Solutions for Risk Management and Cost Reduction.

Ask us about the need for pump-outs of your grease trap/device and associated costs. Hint: There are none.

Ask us about permitting for the Grease Guardian. It's simple!

We can also help you to reduce, mitigate and understand any fines you might incur, and address subsequent follow-up, at no extra charge!

The Grease Trapper is an independent distributor of Grease Guardian products. The Grease Trapper's founder is certified in state and federal pollution prevention best management practices, and has extensive industry experience in auditing, inspecting, and coaching restaurants and other food service establishments in the proper management of their fats, oils, and grease (FOG). We sought out and partnered with Grease Guardian to offer the best automatic grease removal device and grease management systems, worldwide. Period.

How can we help you?

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