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Grease Problems Above and Below

Huge amounts of fat, oils, and grease, commonly referred to as "FOG" are building up underneath cities across the country, creating costly and messy problems for food service industries and the communities they are in.

As grease builds up, whether above in exhaust hood filters or below in drains, grease interceptors, and sewer pipes, it lies waiting ... until something happens, such as a grease fire, or a sewer backup into your kitchen ... both of which can shut your business down.

It doesn't need to happen. What they say about "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is true here also. Training of your staff can reduce the amount of FOG buildup, and add to your business's sustainable practices, reducing the chance of a grease fire or a blocked drain.

As sewer drain capacity is reduced due to clogs of grease, the wastewater needs to go somewhere, and that could be your kitchen. Not good! You thought flies around your drains were bad? When wastewater backs up in floor drains and sinks, the health department must be notified, and your restaurant can be shut down during the cleanup to protect public health and safety. It's the law. And you wouldn't want your family eating in an establishment where your food was exposed to bacteria.

Your restaurant may also be held financially responsible for any additional cleaning of sewer lines, either those from your facility or the city's, and for any damages occurring as a result. Including costs to recover the spilled wastewater and protect local waterways. These costs can build up, and cities and wastewater agencies are now looking to recover them from the polluting party - YOU.

These tips can help prevent grease from building up and creating messy clogs. They also provide healthy economic benefits for your restaurant and community. You can use this video to provide training to your staff, which can benefit your bottom line and make it much easier to keep your grease in check.

Relevant source control articles here for your reading pleasure: A 40-metre fatberg? That's not even London's worst ... Huge lumps of congealed fat, waste and wet wipes are blocking sewage systems around the world, from west London to Melbourne New York tries to rid its sewers of FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease)

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