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Grease buildup in sewer pipes will lead to backups in your kitchen.

Grease Guardian prevents clogged pipes, and keeps chefs happy.

We help keep your restaurant open, and save you money.


Learn about the business impact of food-related grease.

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Grease Guardian, grease traps, grease interceptors, fats oils and grease


Recover food waste; Remove grease at sinks, rotisseries & combi ovens;

Intercept & trap grease from floor drains & sinks;
Intercept coffee grounds at barista stations

Restaurants, fast food outlets, Hotels, delis, supermarkets, care homes, catering, hospitals and institutional applications + marine!

Range of Grease Guardian under sink automatic grease removal devices


A Range of Products
to suit your needs;
providing grease, food and coffee grounds traps to commercial kitchens

We are the proud distributors of Grease Guardian® products

Keeping drains clear is critical in preventing grease clogs that will shut your restaurant down.


Ensure proper compliance
with a technical evaluation of current kitchen practices

Free support & consultation

to help you control costs & save money

Staff training


Top brands turn to Grease Guardian® for FOG management

Guinness Brewery, Dublin, IR

Over two thousand Grease Guardians have been installed in Ireland since FOG management has been required. We're in several large locations, including the Guinness Brewery. They know how to focus on beer making, and leave the FOG to Grease Guardian!

Emirates Stadium

Some of the best know sporting locations around are getting the Grease Guardian on their side, including Manchester United, Arsenal and Olympiakos.


At Sheraton, they believe actions speak louder than words. Grease Guardian does, too!

Over 500 Grease Guardian grease removal units have been installed in the Paris area over the last decade handling huge volumes of grease waste every day.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station, New York City, has remained the busiest train station in the U.S. and knows how to suit every taste with its 35 dining options, open to the public. They also know it's important to keep high levels of grease and food waste from being allowed to enter the station's drainage system, where it can put pressure on pumps and clog pipes, creating the potential for disaster with a backup.

International Airports

The Grease Guardian has been installed in some of the world’s busiest airports to handle the high levels of grease, right at the source, to help protect pipes, and with Titan Class "catch all" centralized solutions to capture waste prior to entering airport drainage systems.


Colleges and Universities, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, use Grease Guardian to manage their risk.

Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles

Trump National Golf Club sits next to the Pacific Ocean, and uses Grease Guardian to protect this beautiful resource against pollution that could come with a grease clog and potential backup.


University of Massachusetts knows it's important to recycle all they can, and keep their pipes clean.


Major hotel brands including Hilton turn to Grease Guardian for their grease management needs.

Grease traps for marine

The Grease Guardian Titan Class Marine unit is built to counteract the tilt and pitch of sea going vessels, and includes a flood protection system, anti-spillage and storm modes.


McDonald’s is committed to being a good neighbor in their communities, and help protect against drain blockages, damage to sewage treatment plants, and pollution to our streams and rivers.

Pizza Hut

The Grease Guardian can be found in many of Europe's prominent fast food service establishments, including Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald's, KFC, Wembley Arena, Sydney Olympic Stadium, as well as numerous airport restaurants.

Burger King

Burger King is committed to the environment, in more ways than one. They understand that the role of business in sustainability is key to the sustainability of our communities.


Supermarket chains including Walmart, Tesco Ireland, and Marks and Spencers turn to Grease Guardian to help with their grease management.



Restaurants produce an average of 150 to 250 pounds of grease per week, up to 1,000 pounds per month, or 13,000 pounds per year.

That's a LOT of grease!


Grease that can build up in the pipes beneath your restaurant, reducing the capacity of your sewer line. Potentially causing wastewater to back up into your restaurant, or out into the environment.

Avoid clogged lines!


Grease sticks to your pipes, and to municipal pipes, pump and lift stations, and wastewater treatment equipment, and eventually causes blockages, which are very costly to your restaurant and to your community and its ratepayers. If a wastewater blockage occurs, your restaurant can (and should!) be closed during the cleanup operations, costing you time and money. In addition to any fines and obvious damage to your facility, and to the environment. For which you can be held financially responsible.


This grease must be properly disposed of, and needs to be captured and recycled as much as possible, at the source, to avoid having to deal with clogged pipes and plumbing problems, and to help reduce and divert your waste. Grease is a problem for towns and larger cities worldwide, and legislation to prevent FOG pollution is being enforced. Polluters face fines and possible legal action and closure for failure to effectively manage their FOG waste.


Grease is produced by cooking, and comes from different sources such as the cooking medium and the meat itself. Items like cheese also release fats and oils when heated, as do soups, dressings, gravies and other foods commonly prepared in restaurants.

The Grease Trapper is here to provide the most reliable, low maintenance grease recovery devices and removal systems, the Grease Guardian®, to help you capture and recycle your used cooking fats, oils and grease. We recover it ALL. You reap the benefits.

No pumper needed! Saving
you $$!!
No scheduling hassles!


We are a restaurant and catering drainage products supplier providing grease, food and coffee grounds traps to commercial kitchens in Southern California - and beyond! But, we offer more than a plumbing fixture -- the Grease Guardian is a PROVEN tool to help your restaurant be more sustainable with savings, contribute to the circular economy in your community, and protect of your assets.

We help you to remain compliant with local, state and federal regulations which require food service establishments to properly manage their fats. oils and grease waste, keeping it out of the community's sewer system. And keeping your waste drain pipes clean! We offer free technical support and consultation.

You're helping your community to be more sustainable, while implementing practices that help your business be more sustainable.


What's good for your bottom line is good for your community!​​
Great ROI!!

Restaurants operate on razor-thin margins and need to control costs, and avoid problems which could cause a closure and bad public relations with your neighbors and customers when the sewer is backing up.


Understanding grease-related issues, as well as the regulatory environment is critical to the overall operations of restaurants and other food service facilities. Innovare Environmental, fondly known as "The Grease Trapper", has helped hundreds of restaurants understand the importance of keeping kitchen equipment such as grease traps updated and functioning efficiently. Ms. Marquez's understanding of the complex environmental and health/safety regulations pertinent to the food service industry coupled with her education and extensive restaurant inspection and audit experience provides her clients with an invaluable resource.

Innovare Environmental | The Grease Trapper has a demonstrated track record of providing high-quality, value-added services to restaurants and their communities. She offers sustainable solutions to restaurant owners/operators, franchises, cities and other municipal agencies as an independent, objective, third party advisor to assist you and solve problems.


She has also previously worked in restaurants, and knows that staff are loathe to open up and scoop out the smelly grease trap. Grease Guardian has made the grease trap more efficient. It does the work for you! No odor, no messy rancid grease, no more scooping. Water and food solids are separated right at the source, eliminating noxious odors from your kitchen.


An automatic grease removal device, Grease Guardian, doesn't smell, does the work for staff, eliminates the need to open the trap thereby controlling food safety ( the only grease trap which meets HACCP for food safety), and eliminates grease trap pumping, saving thousands of dollars. 


It saves your restaurant money, and solves problems. Can we help solve yours? Call now to inquire! 714.494.9041

Grease buildup in sewer pipes will lead to backups in your kitchen.
Sewer line coated with pounds of grease.


California Water Environment Association (CWEA) and Director, Santa Ana River Basin Section CWEA

Water Environment Federation

Innovare Environmental
aka The Grease Trapper is a


Small Business

Grease Guardian traps and automatically removes grease and filters solid food waste.
Kitchen Fixtures and Grease Recovery Devices

Kitchen fixtures -- including floor drains and sinks --


Remove grease from kitchen fixtures (Asian woks, pre-rinse sinks for dishwashers, pot wash sinks, rotisseries & combi ovens, etc.) and floor drains.

Protect sewer drainage waste lines from corrosion and clogging.

Prolong life of existing equipment.

Capture food waste and grease -- at the source -- for waste-to-energy diversion in your community.

Industrial/Centralized units available for multiple fixtures and floor drains.

The most reliable low maintenance grease traps | removal devices


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